Introducing, my name is Ahmad Hajar. Used to be called Hajar. Today, I was a student from a university in Yogyakarta, class of 2009, Technology University of Yogyakarta. I majored in IT.

I created this blog to be a notebook. Everything I've learned or I just learned I will write here. Not only as a reminder note, but also for media sharing knowledge. I hope these notes can be beneficial to all. Amen.

some may ask what it gmbelART. Maybe here I can explain a little about what it gmbelART.

gmbelART is my goal, my ambition. I want to set up a company that works in the fields of art, whether drawing, or crafts, web design, computer graphics, animation, and so on, just all about the art.

gmbel why, because I like to live simply, what it is. To me, we are born naked, die was also naked, everything is just a deposit of Allah SWT.

um, maybe it can explain a little what the meaning of gmbelART.

Thanks, and enjoy my notes. : D

Regards, gmbelART.